Tuesday, 17 April 2018

This Saturday 21 April - Day of action - Not in our name - Stop the rush to war #war #peace #action #syria #now #solutions #armstrade #protest

Stop the War

Newsletter - 17 April 2018

This Saturday 21 April - Day of action - Not in our name - Stop the rush to war 

On Saturday we are asking all our groups and supporters to join in a day of action against further bombing and foreign intervention.

The response to the strikes by Trump, Macron and May on Syria has been remarkable. There have been protests, rallies, lobbies, debates and die-ins in more than a hundred places around the country and a social media storm against the attack. Last night there was another round of protests including one hundred people marching in Aberystwyth, nearly one thousand in Bristol and between one and two thousand at a rally on Parliament Sq in London.

We are calling for the following:

  • Town centre protests and speakouts
  • Die-ins and flash mobs
  • Street petitioning 
  • Rallies and teach-ins
If there is no group in your area, please organise something anyway and let us know by writing to us at office@stopwar.org.uk. In the process we will get new organisations and every local group can widen its support.

We have a new petition that you can download here. It has a column for getting involved. We should aim to get the names and details of hundreds of new people in every area who can help build a stronger and more effective movement.

The London action will be announced later today.

Whatever you do this Saturday, we are also asking people to organise a public meeting where you are in the next few weeks. The title could be No More BombingsStop the Rush to War or it could be part of the Stop the War tour which is titled War and the Special Relationship: No to Trump's Visit

We need to build the movement

All the anti-war movement activity has played an important part in ensuring the vast majority of the British people oppose the attack despite near blanket support from the mainstream. This is a huge achievement. Now we need to build on it.

The world is becoming more dangerous by the day. This is why it's so important that we stay in the streets and that we make sure we have permanent anti-war organisations in every town, city and university.  

"No More Bombings" - Emergency Lobby of Parliament | Wednesday 18 April1-4pm

Together with CND, Momentum and Global Justice, Stop the War has called an emergency lobby of MPs to take place in Parliament on Wednesday 18 April, from 1-4pm. Come and tell your MP why you want them to oppose further military interventions. You don't need an appointment to take part, but it's advisable to make an appointment in case your MP is busy. There will be people available to help you in Committee Room 20 from 1-2pm and more information and advice is available here.

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