Friday, 1 April 2016

Meet the leader of the UK's first feminist political party - Telegraph

Meet the leader of the UK's first feminist political party - Telegraph

Watch out Cameron: Meet the leader of Britain's first feminist political party 

Exclusive: It's our fastest growing political party and Sandi Toksvig even left Radio 4 for it. But until now, the Women's Equality Party hasn't had a leader. Step forward Sophie Walker - this generation's Emmeline Pankhurst?

Sophie Walker has been announced as the leader of the Women's Equality Party Photo: Andrew Crowley
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“I realised the other day,” Sophie Walker tells me, “I’ve taken a job that involves going on stage after Sandi Toksvig for the rest of my life”. 
She throws her head back and laughs. “How did I not think that one through?” 
Today Walker, 44, is publicly unveiled as the new leader of the Women’s Equality Party (WEP)
It’s just four months since the other founding members, broadcaster Sandi Toksvig and journalist Catherine Mayer first threw around the idea for the WEP. As another general election approached – with the only obvious concession to women being the much vilified Labour pink bus – the pair realised they were fed up of having their concerns relegated to the back few pages of political manifestos. 
Especially at a time when women make up 51 per cent of our population but only 30 per cent of MPs, 25 per cent of judges and 25 per cent of FTSO 100 board directors.

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