Saturday, 9 April 2016

#resigncameron demo 11am at no 10 Downing st #olsx #occupy

Hello you deeply groovy people. This is a shout out for help to keep a shit load of angry people cool tomorrow as they gather to show their fury at Cameron's betrayal from 11am in Westminster. The call outs have gathered a MASSIVE pick up. 

If you are free and are willing to help, please be around Westminster tube at ten am. Although we appear to be staging a static rally of sorts. We will be moving. To a great place. Or places. Our target is tax injustice, a corrupt and broken system and a government for the 1% that suddenly has no clothes. As you know. 

#nuitdebout will also be enormous tomorrow too. Something is shifting. I feel experienced people need to help keep the centre holding.

What has been really unexpected is this massive take up. People are already in trains from Scotland. Lilly Allen has told her 7.5 million followers to join her. Thousands of people coming and the majority never been on an action of any type before. Which makes this amazing, potentially, if we can keep sharp, move fast, be cool etc
So, hope you can come and help :-)

Our meet up is 10am Westminster Tube 

Cheers and sorry for late night ask. Going to bed now xx Jamie new internationalist

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