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WATCH THIS 'Panel debate: Is business action on climate believable? #GuardianLive' #olsx @occupynn #cop21 @phoenixsrainbow question #systemchange #systemerror

WATCH THIS Caroline Lucas and Panel Discuss Business and climate

Sasja Beslik on Periscope: 'Panel debate: Is business action on climate believable? #GuardianLive'
Phoenix question 1.hour 18.40 mins in on Systems change and environmental solutions centres.
Co-operation for a better future.Check it out,managed to get loads out,on the state of things since Paris the need for system change and solutions and had some panel members agreeing.

As the UN climate talks in Paris come to a close, attention will turn to putting words into action – not just from governments, but also companies. 
In the lead up to the UN talks we heard a plethora of pledges from major businesses. Marks & Spencer, Ikea and Walmart pledged to use 100% renewable electricity, while 98 other companies, including China Steel, Renault and Sony committed to “science-based emissions reduction targets”. 
But can we believe them? Will 2016 turn out to be the year business helped kick - start a global movement to reduce climate emissions, or will the mountains of press releases and public posturing turn out to be greenwash? 
There are valid reasons for scepticism. VW was acclaimed for its leadership on sustainability, before it later turned out to be rigging its cars to hide the true levels of NOx emissions from testers. Shell helped set up the Prince of Wales climate change project it was later forced to leave after trying to drill for oil in the Arctic. 
On January 12 from 7.00pm - 8.30pm, Guardian Sustainable Business will be hosting a panel debate, in partnership with Nordea Responsible Investments, where we will discuss the role of business in tackling climate change. 
The event will feature a guest panel of: 
Katherine Garrett-Cox, CEO of Alliance Trust and a high-profile city advocate on climate change
Caroline Lucas, Green Party MP and long-time campaigner on climate change 
Steve Howard, head of sustainability at Ikea, which has made a variety of climate pledges
Kevin Anderson, from the Tyndall Centre for Climate Research 
Sasja Beslik, from Nordea Responsible Investments, which plans to ditch some of its coal investments

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