Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Occupy movement take over Old Street Magistrates - Dec 2011 #olsx @occupynn #protest #financialcrimes

One from the Phoenix video archives.Must get down to finishing the book the court house was an epic mission.One of the hardest buildings to take and we even had the help of the Occupy Vets and an armoured car.
This old clip from inside the occupied old st court house brings up many of the issues over financial crimes that we wanted to bring up at the occupied Royal Mint.
Fractional Reserve banking,Quantative easing,£950 billion would bail out most of our environmental problems.Like someone said at Paris climate summit,if the environment were  bank it would have been bailed out by now.
Why have we given the power to print money over to private corporations and central banks.
Reclaim the Power.create community currency wherever you are.Lets exchange.We need solutions.
We need System Change not Climate Change.

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