Thursday, 15 June 2017

Take The Square | Squares around the world - and a few words from Phoenix #olsx #takethesquare #occupy #sustainable #solutionsnow

Take The Square | Squares around the world

This website ,Take the Square, started the mass wave of occupations and is still covering inspiring movements today network it.
Been doing this blog for 6 odd years since they shut down my first Facebook account.
Facebook is a very controlled medium.Fed book as the youth club call it.

We need to develop our own communication systems.
Similar to the old Indymedia network.
I resolve to type more and speak out to all those out there reading this blog, those struggling and striving for a fair just and sustainable future.
We need to focus on Solutions.
Across the world a tide is turning against the Neo Liberal robbery programme of Austerity.

Wherever you are take action every day, I'm getting a bit older and tired  at the edges,but the next generation is coming on strong and has tools that we never had in the early nineties.

The internet connects you globally in an instant to many groups,projects movements and campaigns.
Now more than ever it is time to use the power of networking ,to bring people together for change.
Be the change you wish in the world.
Another world is possible and in many places its already these people and places up,weave a web of possibility ,for a brighter sustainable future.

Or as we say "Other worlds are possible .......time to broaden our horizons, look to the skies,look deep within,delve deep into the earth ,connect energise and take action for Mother Earth and all her Children.

One love Phoenix June 2017

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