Tuesday, 7 March 2017

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Video for social change: a selection from 5 main channels

CollapsePreparing for terrorism—and potential torture—under President Trump(Opens New Window)
07/03/17 09:30 
Will Trump’s unequivocal position on torture affect how the US responds to future terrorist attacks? A contribution to the openGlobalRights debate on Trump and human rights.  During… 
CollapseLessons from Syria on women's empowerment during conflict(Opens New Window)
07/03/17 10:22 
Syrian women will be the pillars of any future democratic process. Their efforts deserve support from national and international actors. A gathering of Women from Women Now network in b… 
Collapse55% cut to crisis fund “catastrophic” for domestic violence survivors(Opens New Window)
07/03/17 10:12 
Women’s groups have raised concerns that a 55% budget cut to the council’s crisis fund will have a disproportionate impact on those fleeing domestic abuse. Photo: Vicknes... The post 55% cut to crisis fund “catastrophic” for domesti… 
CollapsePhilip Hammond urged to pause cut in benefits for widowed parents(Opens New Window)
07/03/17 10:25 
More than 3,200 people write to MPs to say reforms to bereaved support payments will leave 75% of people worse off in cash terms. Visit our website to read the full story. 
CollapseInequality and deprivation linked to higher risk of suicide(Opens New Window)
07/03/17 10:52 
Government urged to train more front-line staff in suicide prevention. Visit our website to read the full story. 
CollapseTime is running out for Ibrahim Halawa(Opens New Window)
07/03/17 09:18 
One of thousands of protesters imprisonned in Egypt in the last years, Ibrahim Halawa’s mass trial along with four hundred and ninety-four defendants was adjourned for the 19th time while his health and c… 
CollapseFeminist pacifism or passive-ism?(Opens New Window)
07/03/17 09:34 
Tomorrow is International Women’s Day. In the face of increasing femicide, sexual violence and rape culture, we need to confront the question of women’s self-defence. Rally for #BlackLi… 
CollapseInterview: how can better policy empower women on the move?(Opens New Window)
07/03/17 08:00 
Women experience migration different than men do, and with the right policies that can be a source of empowerment more than a source of risk. A refugee woman carrying a maitress in Scar… 
CollapseResponding to Brexit: breaking with neo-liberalism(Opens New Window)
07/03/17 08:22 
The last of this series discusses how the damage caused by traditional left and social democratic party embrace of neo-liberal models of globalisation can be repaired, and social democracy reframed. …

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