Sunday, 8 January 2017

Women's Equality Jan 21st Global solidarity march #olsx #occupy #womens #equality #global

Women's Equality Women's Equality Party Will you take a stand for equality and march in solidarity with millions? On Saturday 21 January - the first day of Donald Trump's presidency - people across the world will be marching in solidarity with the Women's March on Washington to show that the politics of fear has no place in a positive and progressive world. In the UK, there will be a march in London as part of this global movement. WE have been a key partner of the march from the start, and now WE want you to join us. In just two weeks from now, will you come with us to London to raise your voice with ours and make sure all are heard? The Women’s March on London is the start of a global movement of positive action and hope for the future. We have just two weeks to make sure that the Women's March on London gathers such numbers that the world has to sit up and take notice. Let us know that you’ll be there >> WE want our members and supporters, women and men, from all across the UK to stand united in London on Saturday 21 January. To show that WE are here, WE are taking action and WE are responding together with strength and resilience. Visit the Women’s March on London website for full details >> Silence achieves nothing. It is only by speaking out that we will be able to resist a politics that threatens our right to democracy, our equality and the freedom of our communities. If you can't make it to the march, you can still amplify your voice by inviting your friends and family. Tweet your support >> Come with us, from across the country, as WE show that we can make a difference. See you on Saturday 21 January. Women's Equality Party

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