Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Evolution Cabaret Club Winter Solstice Warm Up Featuring Seize the Day legendary Festy protest band #olsx #cabaret #protest #evolution #circus

The latest Evolution Cabaret Club extravaganza from Earth Circus Productions Featuring 
our favourite frontline band 
Seize the Day, 
DJ Pony - Small World,
Dj George Solarquest - Entropica Chill out Floor 2
DJ Firebird
The Rub, www.rub.fm
Pok Star,https://www.facebook.com/simonjohnpok.miller?fref=ts
Fluffy -Compere  
Jugglers and Dancers
and many more TBC
Evolutionary talk by James Hamilton Co Founder Megatripolis and Warp family of London Psychedelic clubs
Veggy/Vegan cafe food and amazing cakes.
Market Stalls
Eco Info
Healing area
Fancy Dress theme Time Travel
Also featuring on floor 2 The Resistance Exhibition 2 (Multi media exhibition of 25 years of Social and protest movements)

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