Sunday, 22 May 2016

Sunday 15 May was #GlobalDebout, the international day about #NuitDebout. Feedback and #systemchange points #olsx #occupy #globaldebout #london #realdemocracy

Sunday 15 May was #GlobalDebout, the international day about #NuitDebout. We started around 5pm and by 6.30pm, around 80 people gathered on Downing Street. Lot’s of new faces. 

We had some special guest such as #Occupy and #PublicJustice PHL that came along to explain their cause ! 

We did a public round of ideas about #systemchange and created 6 working groups of around 10 people each. After 30 minutes, each group presented their ideas to the public and a list of ideas came through that we assembled into groups :

>>>Raise individual awareness
Solutions come from individual’s responsibility to consume better. Regularly sharing your opinion is way of participating to the community and helping it. Trade your skill to get more skill of everyone. Teach how to Re-use. Solutions come from general action like general strike to negotiate better rights. #generalstrike 

>>>Provide basics needs for everyone
100 pounds a week minimum for everyone. Change the benefit system. Worldwide health care, insurance for everyone. Empty building should be made accessible for homeless people. Free transport for everyone. Ensure the most vulnerable, sick and disabled get the care/financial help they need. Cap rents.
#universalbasicincome #homes4all #freetransport 

>>>Bring back Communes.
Stop thinking that bigger is better. Think independently to make responsible everyone with direct action. Unifying communities. Get closer to the decider by breaking down government into small communities. 

>>>Claim fair trade with Governement 
Making CCTV accessible to the public would protect individuals against government abuse. Abolish the monarchy. Set a cap on how much M'P'S can claim in expenses. #realdemocracy 

>>>More eco-friendly society
Free eco-friendly transport for everyone. #recycleresources #reuse #freetransport 


Come tonight at 7pm to continue to working groups !

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