Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Nuit Debout London: CHALK WARS | Ann Narked Media #nuitdeboutldn #globaldebout #olsx #occupy #chalking about a better #future outside No10 bring your chalk weds and sundays 7pm chalk on the wild side LOL

Nuit Debout London: CHALK WARS | Ann Narked Media

Nuit Debout London: CHALK WARS


The Occupied Sun

Two people arrested opposite Downing St…FOR CHALKING!
NB – this is not satire. See the shocking footage livestreamed by Occupy News Network  at Nuit Debout London last night, here: bambuser.com/v/6262144
If you haven’t heard about Nuit Debout and the Global Debout yet, you might want to check out the Alternative Media List, for better sources of information than the malign 1% media monopoly.
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