Sunday, 22 November 2015

URGENT ACTION ASAP Operation SMS Social Media Storm SAVE the Camden Mothership. #onn #olsx #housingcrisis #community #action #environment

URGENT ACTION ASAP Operation SMS Social Media Storm SAVE the Camden Mothership.
Please use all the networks you have.To network these 3 things
1) Send e-mail to Camden council (Template on the bottom of this post)
2) Tweet the below message to @CamdenTalking (right under e-mail template)
3) Share this post to all your Facebook groups and timelines.
4) Share it everywhere else you can think of
twitter @mothershipccc
Caretakers number 07763731056 ring to offer help,get involved or ask to use space.or email
1) E-MAIL TEMPLATE TO USE (We suggest sending to,,,, Local councillors and media of your choice)
I write concerning the Camden Housing Advice and Social Services building at 156 West End Lane, NW6 1SD.
After being left empty for 3 years, the building has been occupied by a collective of artists, community and housing campaigners, called Camden Mothership. They request a meanwhile lease, to a legal entity, and do not wish to stand in the way of the redevelopment, but merely request the space be used in the interim year before it is used. This will save council/taxpayers money of nearly £5,000 security and rates (cost) per week. Surely, with common sense discussion and dialogue, through a meeting and/or mediation, an agreement can be reached that would benefit both the council and the residents it represents. This project, offering many activities for local residents and space to community groups and organisations, has had great public response. Furthermore, there has been much in the media, demonstrating the demand and need for such a local community space and facility. As a Londoner/Camden resident/ taxpayer, I strongly support Camden Mothership’s mission to set up a community centre in the interim year before development. I request, therefore, that the council does not waste our money on pointless court proceedings, but formalize them with a meanwhile lease.
Yours sincerely 
@camdentalking Camden council don't take Camden Mothership to court.Give them a meanwhile lease.we need community centres
Let's show 'em together smile emoticon

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