Sunday, 15 November 2015

Jeremy Corbyn: A Generational Opportunity? | Real Media - The News You Don't See #onn #olsx #campaigner #activist #Corbyn #momentum #movement #change #climate #peace #social #justice #directaction #democracy #peoplepower

Jeremy Corbyn: A Generational Opportunity? | Real Media - The News You Don't See

Progressive change is about more than just one man; it requires the strength of a collective mass movement. But Jeremy Corbyn’s success could represent a victory for principle, democracy and humanity, writes Sequoyah De Souza Vigneswaren
“The hope of change and bringing big ideas in is now back at the centre of politics: ending austerity, tackling inequality, working for peace and social justice at home and abroad.”
It is the 21st century, and although it seems impossible to believe, those are the words of the leader of the Official Opposition in Britain. A self-proclaimed democratic socialist, whose first act as leader was to attend a rally in support of refugees.
It has been an astonishing few months. Despite a frenetically hostile response from the establishment and corporate media, we have seen a relatively unknown activist MP propelled into the position of Labour leader, on the back of a wave of popular support. 
It is testament to both the campaign and people’s passion, that in the age of consumerist, celebrity-obsessed, money-orientated individualism, there were people who literally climbed through windows just to attend packed political rallies. This has once again shown that people care about human dignity, moral principle and political participation. Hundreds of thousands of people have been enthused and galvanized by Corbyn, and he has embodied a sense of hope that people can challenge the iniquities of the status-quo.  
It is uncharted territory and the obstacles are manyfold. Corbyn supporters must keep their critical faculties sharp. They must inoculate themselves against the twin dangers of being politically attacked from the Right, and becoming blindly and uncritically supportive of Corbyn and Labour. But it is nice, and frankly refreshing, to be able to smile and have some sense of collective hope. 
This does not mean surrendering to utopian expectation. But it does mean real and material possibility. 
We are presented with a beautiful opportunity to change the political climate and create a major progressive mass movement. That is worth our efforts.

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