Monday, 24 December 2018

Extinction Rebellion, a green protest group, are holding a ‘Reclaim the BBC’ demonstration in protest at the broadcaster’s coverage of climate change. The group, who are also holding a demonstration at Bristol’s BBC offices today, have issued a list of eight demands, including the broadcaster declaring an environmental and ecological emergency. A spokesman for the group said today: “The BBC must lead from the front on the climate emergency.”
Protestors at the scene have mocked up bodybags in reference to 27 victims of the Mati fires in Greece.
Journalists are currently unable to exit or enter NBH in central London.
Journalist Anneka Rice said she was trapped in the building.
She Tweeted: “In lock-down at the BBC. Not allowed out of the building! Stuck in reception with Simon Mayo, Ken Bruce and 3 policemen.”
BBC protest

The BBC's New Broadcasting House has been put on lockdown due to a protest (Image: GETTY)
A BBC spokesperson said earlier today: “We’ve received a letter from this newly-formed campaign group. The BBC has a proud record of leading the way in sustainability in the media industry and we’ve set out further action including cutting energy use further, eradicating single use plastic and minimising the impact of necessary travel.
“In the last Charter period, we reduced our carbon footprint by a third. People can also see the clear impact programmes like Blue Planet II and Dynasties have had on public debate about the impact of humankind on the planet.”
Serena Schellenberg of Extinction Rebellion said: "Now more than at any time in its history, we need the  to honour its founding value to be 'independent, impartial and honest'.
"We're facing a potentially existential threat to both our nation and our species, but the 's coverage is nowhere close to reflecting this.
BBC protest
The group demanded from BBC to provide further in-depth coverage of climate matters (Image: GETTY)
"We're sure that many of those working within the agree with us on this, and that many more are willing to listen - so we're coming with music and noise not as antagonists, but as friends looking to implore this organisation to shift its policy and play a vital role in facing up to the ecological crisis."
Extinction Rebellion also organisted protests on Friday across BBC offices in the UK, including Bristol, Glasgow, Cambridge, Birmingham, Truro, Sheffield, Bangor, and the broadcaster’s Berlin bureau.
The activists are demanding to meet BBC's director general, Tony Hall, insisting the corporation has the duty to broadcast climate change with the same “the level of urgency placed on informing the public about the second world war”.

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