Friday, 8 September 2017

The Day is my Enemy | Open City Documentary Festival

The Day is my Enemy | Open City Documentary Festival

ill be on a panel discuss party and protest at this 5.30-7 pm

As part of this year's festival, we have curated a series of events which explore youth cultures that built social and political movements through music, dance and performance.  This will culminate in a live event bringing together rarely seen film archive charting the story of how music subculture has shaped the metropolis with a live soundtrack
Against the dramatic setting of the new festival hub, the Bargehouse on the Southbank, you are invited to explore how the explosion of sound-system, queer and rave culture paved the way for street resistance as we know it today.  
Lionpulse Sound System - is a 20kW authentic custom-designed and hand-built Reggae soundsystem - They will be playing a DJ set of the best in Roots, Rub'a'Dub and Dancehall - Vibe providers, always keeping your heart beating in a Dubwise.

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