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History & background

Peace & Community Action (PCA) was formed in 1999. It grew out of Quaker Peace and Service (QPS) and was started by a group committed to helping people explore alternatives to the use of violence as a response to conflict. 

The organisation has been deeply influenced by Gandhian philosophy and Rosenburg's 'non-violent communication' approaches.PCA began as a grass root level peace organization and now has excellent networks and relationships in the communities it works with. At first we worked primarily in the predominantly Tamil and Muslim Eastern Province ;Ampara, Trincomalee and Puttalam Districts. Setting up offices in Matara in the last three years has given more balance by introducing our work to the predominantly Sinhala Southern Province.

As PCA has developed it has broadened and brought depth to its work by helping communities understand and use non violence in their lives and in solving community problems, understanding their human rights and responsibilities to one another, helping communities learn how to participate in community decision making to form empowered communities, and most recently PCA has developed conflict sensitive approaches to developing is proposals and in implementing them. 

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