Thursday, 3 October 2013

Broken Barnet: Bohemia: the occupied pub holds its first meeting


 Wanderers, adventurers, artists, journalists, vagabonds and gypsies - free love ... Sounds good to me. Will opt for the haute Bohème version, rather than the frugal one, probably. Bit like easycouncil for artist-vagabonds, with an option for a higher charge standard of service, see. The blessings of 'choice', as commended by libertarian Tories, except of course only for themselves, and no one else.

So, anyway: after last Friday's occupation of the Bohemia Pub in North Finchley, a meeting was called, last night, for local residents and all interested parties to attend in order to discuss the future of the pub, and to try to save it for the community.

Risking further opprobrium from the retired and absent right wing blogosphere of Broken Barnet, and accompanied with a rather cutting suggestion from Miss Angry that she would not bother standing bail for her mother in the case of arrest, Mrs Angry went off to the now darkened pub. 

By the entrance stood our new landlords, in hi-vi tabards, greeting guests with a grin, and helping them over the step into the cavernous space of the stripped out pub. Hollowed out council, stripped out pub: it's all part of the same picture, isn't it?

Mrs Angry had expected to find only a handful of Bohemia supporters, and was frankly staggered to find an enormous circle of people, sitting expectantly in the candlelight, some old friends, many new.............. read on
Broken Barnet: Bohemia: the occupied pub holds its first meeting

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